Barbara L. Curtis Memorial Adoption Grants


It is sadly perceived that children with Down syndrome are "less desirable" candidates for adoption. Fortunately there are many families that see the truth -- the wonderful opportunity to forever change the life of a child with Down syndrome, while at the same time deeply enriching their own. There is no more powerful way to join the celebration, to educate, support, respect or bring awareness than to support families who wish to adopt children with Down syndrome. By breaking down financial barriers, we are forever changing lives. Angels in Disguise partners with Show Hope, an international adoption aid foundation, to identify approved families who wish to adopt children with Down syndrome. We offer family grants so that these angels can join with their forever families.

Our grant program is named after Barbara L. Curtis.  

Barbara Curtis was a tremendous writer and speaker, a beloved wife, and a loving mother to her twelve children. Her eighth son, Jonny, was born with Down syndrome. Barbara and her husband Tripp went on to adopt three more boys with Down syndrome. Barbara unexpectedly passed away in 2012. Her amazing legacy and example of loving and embracing life, and in a special way the life of the angels, continues after her passing. Along with her twelve children, there are fifteen grandchildren and counting!

Since beginning our adoption grant program three years ago, we have helped bring home 50 Angels to their forever families!

In 2016 alone, we were able to award over two dozen Angels. 



Past Recepients:

Cody and Amanda have been married for seven years and have two children. They shared a bit of their story with us.

"We agreed before we were married that we would like to consider adoption as a way to build our future family someday... It was through relationships with people at church who had adopted, reading the Bible, and gathering more information about orphans around the world that God began to lead us toward adopting internationally and then toward adopting a child with special needs.... we soon found Sylas. Sylas is in Hong Kong... Hopefully because of our adopting Sylas, he will experience having a family and loving parents and more importantly have the opportunity to know what it means to be in God's family..."


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