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Welcome to Angels in Disguise! We are a national charity 501c3 charity dedicated to promoting Down syndrome awareness and appreciation. Through musical concerts and other events, we celebrate individuals with Down syndrome and their unique ability to enrich our lives, inform our souls and warm our hearts. Our Mission is to Celebrate the GIFT of Down syndrome. Change hearts and minds to achieve a world where individuals with Down syndrome are embraced and empowered; and inspire action promoting Down syndrome awareness, education and support. We welcome you to join the celebration! Follow us on twitter and Facebook or join our mailing list to stay in touch with the angels!


Please join us for a wonderful musical evening with a very talented young man named Sujeet Desai! Sujeet is an accomplished musician, able to play eight different instruments! He has performed in over 40 states, and 13 countries. Sujeet is the recipient of over a dozen of International awards for his music and self-advocacy. With his musical versatility Sujeet has become a role model and brought inspiration and hope to individuals with disability, their parents, educators, and the services that work with them. Two documentaries were done on Sujeet's life, and he was the first musician with special needs to play at Carnegie Hall! Please join us to welcome Sujeet in concert December 12th! Click for tickets!

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